How To Maximize Your Rankings On Google

The world seems to be run by Google.  With Google, we have a one stop shop to everything posted online.  If we type in a keyword, results showing us what we want appear.  If we want a video, image, or a map, we simply click on a button and we are shown what we want.  It is like magic.  However, it is not magic.  It is SEO for small business owners

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization.  It is a fancy term for simply telling Google what your website is all about and why people should visit it.  For most people, they try to get to the top of the rankings with the most competitive keyword.  However, this is not the tactic you want to employ.  What you want to do is create an online presence that promotes you as an authority and then Google will start to take notice.

Creating Authority

The way that we create authority is to create content that people want.  For most people, they focus on getting eyes on what it is they are selling.  This is the end goal in everything however, it is not necessarily the end goal for your visitors.

What people miss

SEO for small business owners

What most people miss is that those visiting your website aren’t looking to whip out their credit card and give you money.  Most people are looking to be informed and educated.  They will spend time researching a specific topic or product before jumping in.  So, if you want to win in the SEO game, this is what you need to do.  Educate people.

How do you educate?

You can educate by creating content.  This content can be a simple article like this or it can be a video.  You can have a lecture, infographic or anything that gives a little taste of information.  From there, your information needs to be linked to more information related to that topic which is linked to yet other information.  Eventually if you create enough information on your topic people will look at you as an authority and you will rise higher in the search engines because people will be seeking you out.  And the way Google wants you to be found is to be shown to those who are looking for you.